Coming soon into the shadow of the world's greenest skyscraper ever to be built!

Anticipated to be sandwiched like so much chipped chopped ham between THIS and THIS.



Retailing in Downtown Pittsburgh is taking a new turn!

Stuls Ace Hardware will be an art & performance venue within an urban hardware store. It will serve the Downtown residents & business communities with an iPad/smart phone ordering app and FREE delivery service anywhere within the Golden Triangle.

Stuls Ace Hardware invites you to become an investor!

As a woman-owned enterprise, Stuls Ace Hardware will be an immediate beneficiary of the 15% women- and minority-owned contact award criteria practiced by local, county and state governments and by the many developers currently operating in the Golden Triangle. It will utilize smart phone apps for ordering and bike couriers to deliver anywhere within the Golden Triangle and across the rivers to the immediate north and south shores.

Stuls Ace Hardware wants to be the glue that holds the Downtown community together!

Hardware stores in general are democratizing community influences. Stuls Ace Hardware wishes to become as much a community center with a continuous schedule of entertainment and educational programming as it is a hardware and grocery store serving the many thousands who live, work and play Downtown. It has an interesting array of local luminaries in music and art lined up just waiting to bring sound, color and texture to the Downtown community!

We desire to honor the history that made Pittsburgh "America's Most Livable City" by supporting the people who support PA/Pgh free enterprise.

Stuls Ace Hardware wishes to support the people who support Pittsburgh free enterprise by opening on Day One as an equal opportunity United Food and Commercial Workers union shop. Stuls Ace Hardware intends also to work with Renewal Inc. to employ ex-convicts and to Goodwill of Southwestern PA to employ mentally and physically-challenged-but-able people to be helpful Ace hardware and grocery men and women.

Stuls Ace Hardware is for the future!

By providing sustainable building and energy services, Stuls intends to complement the leadership demonstrated by PNC, Millcraft Industries and the many participants in the Green Building Alliance's Pittsburgh 2030 District project. Stuls will have on staff a LEED Green Associate to provide Green Building and LEED Core Concept building services and will also consult and make products available to facilitate rooftop farming and gardening.

Stuls Ace Hardware is excited be part of the intellectual and educational renaissance that is the NEW Pittsburgh and invites you to stay tuned!

Expected Grand Opening: TBA

To become an investor in this cooperative venture, contact Donna Fisher.